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Container Mixer ---


Technical Specifications :

Mixer : The main drive mixer motor is a flange mounted geared motor with outlet RPM 0f suitable. Which is mounted on the external side of Mixing head. The main support structure consists of a SS Cladded MS Sheet .Mixing head which is supported on bearing pedestals at 2 ends. The bearing pedestals are mounted on the structural framework.

Blades : The main mixing blade is SS 304 mounted at the Centre of Mixing head’s internal side . The blades are mounted on drive motor with 2 blades located at 180° and mounted at a degree on the central hub.

Churner : A suitable geared Motor along with VFD Control is mounted on the circumferential area of the mixing head. This motor enhances the mixing efficiency.
Lifting Motors: 2 Lifting Motors are located one on each side of the main motor. The lifting motors are synchronized and they facilitate the raising and lowering of SS Vessel. The operation is like screw jacks .
Pneumatic Clamps: The 3 nos. of Pneumatic clamps are provided along the outer circumference of the mixing head. After the container/ Vessel is raised till the level of mixing head it is required to be tightly secured along the matching flange . The pneumatic flanges ensure the tight locking of the flanges of the SS Container and mixing head . The pneumatic locks toggle as per the signals received from the solenoids.


The container with caster wheels is steered through the guide system provided below the main mixing head. This is a manual operation.
Once it is positioned, it is raised high using lifting motors and secured tightly along the matching flanges with the help of pneumatically operating toggle clamps.
The entire arrangement mixing head and container is rotated through 180⁰ using PLC automation circuit.
Once this arrangement is located correctly at 180⁰ position, the mixer starts and the mixing cycle gets started. During this cycle due to the centrifugal force generated by the typical geometry of mixing tool the material is pushed from cylindrical parts to the conical part of the container thereby generating of a vortex. This vortex ensures proper mixing of the components. The RPM of both the motors (main & churning) can be adjusted manually from the control panel the desired batch cycle period can be adjusted from the control panel.
As soon as the batch is over the equipment mixing head returns to its original position. The pneumatic lock opens & the lifting motor lowers the container to its original position.
During lowering process, dusting can be avoided by connecting the mixing head to the dust collection duct. Once the container is totally lowered the cycle is completed and the container trolley is removed manually we can repeat the cycle with the next container.